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Pre-Production Design for Animation in Feature Films & Television Series.



What We Do



Red Pebble Design was set up as a platform we could use more independently to work on new animation and art concepts, either in-house or collaboratively with others who have a great idea but need design support to bring it to life.


The ideas we work on are based on a story, music, observation or memory - other projects are born out of our desire to highlight important global or local issues. Our projects vary in nature from commercial to independent and are often purely explorative. 

How We Work



We include a wide range of media on our work, including 2D/3D modelling, painting and illustration, sculpture and product design.


Alongside coordinating the basic narrative and visual concept package for each project, we evaluate the prelim programme and delivery requirements and develop an outline marketing strategy in the pre-production phase. 


We often collaborate with other animation professionals, writers, artists and musicians. 


War Cycle - Art Direction / Colour Keys.

07 Jun 2017

Colour keys from a project we created last year with Richard Durrant and Ray Reddick. A live music and film experience that will highlight the little known role of the World War 1 cyclists and their bikes.

The Secret Life of Pets - Set Design

07 Jun 2017

Examples of Neal's work on The Secret Life of Pets. Although this work was made before RedPebble officially came into being, we just received the images with permission to show on the internet. Excited to share them finally.

All artwork is the property of Universal Pictures / Illumination Entertainment.

The Phantom Limb Project - Concept Art

18 Jun 2017

Concept art images for the Phantom Limb Project / AltLimbPro. Design process, review stages and a high res photo of the finished arm worn by James Young. Further info

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About Us


Creative Director


Managing Director

Red Pebble Design was founded by Neal Petty and Kerstin Sonnemann in January 2015 and is based in a seaside village in West Sussex.

Thanks to the net - and a fast train link to London and Gatwick - we can work world wide.


Neal has over 20 years experience in the animation industry and is specialized in layout, concept art, visual development and set design. He regularly works independently from

Red Pebble for animation studios on short or long-term projects, both in the UK and internationally. You can view his full personal portfolio here:



Kerstin is an architect with extensive experience in designing and managing larger projects and a particular interest in product and graphic design and marketing.


We enjoy sharing our ideas and love to learn something new with every project!